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Author: Didymas St. Judas, The Other Guise

JOY = The Joke's On You (graphics slowly under construction)

SOM = Songs Of Mystery (2nd draft)

Art on Index page: "The Ancient of Days" by William Blake. "Like Blake's demiurge in The Ancient of Days, Urizen leaps out of eternity and reaches down into the dark void with his compasses to measure, to divide, and to imprison." Richard Smith, managing editor, The Nag Hammadi Library

I must apologize for all the redundancies due to the evolution of the thesis and the evolution of both the site and my writing ability. For I am a tunesmith trying to be a wordsmith.

This is a work that celebrates the relationships of duality, not the distinctions and conflicts; it emphasizes the similarities in things, not their differences. Therefore, I do not  follow the politically correct trend of delineating the sexual pronouns. Language is confusing enough. Man, men, he, etc., at all times means mankind, or manus: "of the earth" (unless otherwise stated).

On the other hand, science has shrunk matter out of physical existence making it over into abstract mathematics, the so-called male aspect of existence. This work brings matter, mater, "mother" back to the forefront of our understanding. 

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