To the memory of my wife Ellen, who obsessed in her own way: “I’m not insane, everybody else is.” So we electrified her brain – as if to fulfill her prophecy. And such is the main thrust of this work.


And to the memory of Devon Edrington, the one and only personal source of inspiration and encouragement to do this work.


And to the god’s of fate who sent just the right angels at just the right time and in just the right form; and oh! those too coincidental coincidences.






All experience and experiments (both of these words mean to “test-out”) yield their own results. The name of the game, the only game in town, is interpretation – what ourselves put into, or add to, those results. And “game” it has truly been.







All finite belief is erroneous. But it is nevertheless suitable for thy stage of growth. 35


Until you can be free, you must be bound.  20


All things are from within outward. 18

                                                                Life’s Word